Let the Drinkin and thinkin begin.

Today I am drinking Johnnie Walker Red Label and thinking that I should tell the people of the interwebs what I am drinking and what I am thinking.

First some thoughts on what I am drinking. Johnnie Walker Red Label scotch is in my glass, it’s golden goodness just topping my grey granite whiskey stones. Johnny Walker has been around since 1820 and is arguably synonymous with scotch. In the early 1900s, his grandsons blended up a whisky (no e in scotch whisky because they got drunk and forgot it.) that would wear a red label at a 22-degree angle. That blend is what I am drinking today.  It is the best selling whisky in the world with 223.7 million bottles sold per year. With that many people choosing it, Johnnie has to have something going for it.

This stuff tastes like what I think of when I think of scotch. I have read descriptions that include things like burnt rubber and dirty ashtray. I like the flavors of smoke and peat they are what make scotch scotch. Therefore I can enjoy this selection while admitting that it may be a bit much on the smoke, maybe bordering on ashtray. I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars. I do think you can get better scotch for just a few extra dollars but this is a solid selection especially for mixing in a Rob Roy or other cocktail. 

Now on to what I am thinking. I am thinking about starting a blog telling the world what I am drinking and thinking. So here I am. This is the beginning of what I hope is a fun journey in spirits, philosophy, fun questions about odd things in the world, self-improvement, music, food, and maybe even politics and religion. I will share with you what I have been thinking with no limits and no self-censorship who knows where that may take us. There will be no schedule to these posts as my thoughts do not have a schedule but the goal is to get at least one up each week.

So you know who it is that is telling you about what they are thinking I will do a little introduction here. My name is Will Dugdale and I currently reside in Holladay, UT a wee bit to the south of Salt Lake City. I am 33 with a wife and 3 awesome kids. I like whiskey a lot and I am enjoying learning about the world of whiskey anew after a few years of drinking only beer because it causes less heartburn.

So join me as I rejoin the world of whiskey aficionados after a few years of a beer only diet. My bar selection is growing by the week so feel free to suggest your favorite spirits, wine, and beer to add to my selection.


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